我們的目標是去理解新型光電子元件(包括雷射,發光二極體,太陽能電池等)的物理和培育新的製造技術。 半導體元件已經是學術超過50年的研究中心。 從最初的原始的手工製作的電晶體,到今天數百萬設備的積體電路,我們是在另一個新時代的曙光:納米尺度製程。我們的實驗室將充分抓住這一趨勢,並且為下一代光電元件致力於開發新的理論和新的設計。

Novel OptoElectronics Lab was founded in 2009.

Our goal is to understand the physics of the novel optoelectronic devices (including lasers, LEDs, solar cells etc. ) and foster the new fabrication technology. Semiconductor devices have been the center of academic research for more than 50 years. From the first original hand-made transistor, to today’s integrated chips with millions devices, we are at the dawn of another new era: the coming of the nanoscale fabrication. Our lab will fully embrace this trend and we are dedicated to develop new theory and new design for the next generation of photonic devices.


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